Monday, August 15, 2011

National Day Parade 2011

9 Aug 2011

My first parade LIVE! At Marina float! How cool is it. I am also the one and only person in my family who has gotten the tickets! I chose to ballot for only 4 tickets. I gave 2 to my brother and I kept 2 for myself. A friend and I. He/she said not to mention name!!

The freaking weather still hot and humid. The place where we sit is under the sun!

So Singaporean! See all the umbrellas. Cannot blame them, it is really hot and sunny. Thankfully, the sun is gonig down.

My FUNPACK! Majulah! Merlion FTW!

Where is Universal Studios Singapore?

In Resort World Sentosa... The Advertisement made everything look so nice.

Air Patrol

This section was supposedly the funpack song section. However it was removed due to copy right issue. THANKFULLY! I am not saying it is a bad idea. Having a funpack song is cool, it engages the audience with the funpack. Changing the lyrics of a popular song with such corny words, seriously? I think we are more than capable to write an original funpack song. That would be a much better idea, wouldn't it?

Wave your flags Singapore!


This kid sits in front of me. Look at his tee-shirt!

Self painted!

The Red Lions~~~

Wooooo~~~~ Yea~ (If you get me)


They made everything made look so simple. I can tell you that EVERY Singapore son whom has gone through NS will say it is not that easy.

Night scene and firework!

Last but not least~~

It is really different watching the parade Live and from TV. When watching it Live, I can feel the patriotism vibe, all the goosebump. It is crazy. This year's performance make me feel weird. Sharon Aw's character reminds me of my mom, all the hardship she went through last time. I cannot imagine her leaving (you know what I mean), I would die of heart break!


Majulah Singapore~

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