Thursday, April 28, 2011

Maxi Eyes - Color Lens

Went to Spectacle Hut few days back. Catherine told me got a Buy 2 free 2 Promotion with Maxi Eyes contacts. So I decided to give it a try. It is suppose to make your eyes look bigger because the colour extends out of iris making it look bigger.

I bought the 2 tones one. I bought 2 boxes of brown and 1 box of grey. Another box for Catherine. She got a black one. One box for S$28. So for the promotion, one box for only S$14!

Brown and grey

Me with the lens. Does my eyes look bigger?

Here's a comparison. Left eye without the lens, right with the lens.
I think it does appear a little bigger? It's 14mm by the way.

Last picture of big eye me =)

I am dead tired. So good night people!

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Lion King - A Broadway Musical

All of you must have watched the movie. But have you catch the musical live? In Singapore! It is a must watch, people! I bought category 4 ticket at $125 (excluding $3 sistic charge). I must say, it is impressive!

Here's a snipet for you! Hope it will entice you!

Simba and Nala

Was told to dress up for the musical so here I am!

Supposed to meet Deanne at 6 pm but I SNOOZED!! Woke up at 5.05pm. So ended up late for 20 mins. We had dinner at Thai Express, and the tom yum seafood fried rice is so Fxxxking SPICY!

We then headed down to Marina Bay Sands (MBS), I was perspiring while walking ok! As you can see I wore the same jacket I wore when I was in Japan! This is what we call "ai shui mai mia", which translate to "I rather die looking good than not". Haha Gaga...

MBS also have this "exhibition" of The Lion King musical.

Their ticket looks good! I like the star! At Resort World Sentosa (RWS), it is just a plain ticket. Even their ticket sleeve! Why can't RWS customize?!

You see the barcode on the left side of the ticket? Well, now all they do is scan and you can keep the ticket. WHOLE! At RWS you still get torn ticket butts :(

Deanne getting excited and camwhoring with the tickets.


Love this towel, but I didn't get it...


Camwhores ALERT!

Singapore Next Top Model!

Gorgeous smile :D

Seated and waiting for the show to start! Super excited!

The curtain's UP!!!!

I had goosebumps ok! It is great! Their voices! Their energy! Their costumes are brilliant! Especially Simba's and Scar's head dress! Can move one!

Here a video on all the characters!

It was applause after applause! Fantastic show! I clap till my hands are tired!

End off this post with picture of our beautifully lit city...

p.s.: show's extended till july!!
p.s.: I don't mind watching again! buy me tickets!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pocky rox!

No more Pocky =(

Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 4 - Brokeness

After early morning prayer and devotion by P. Dale. P. Dale shared about going. We evangelites gave, and it must be accompanied with going. This is why there is POR Japan support edition. Breakfast time. We ate bread we bought from Tokyo. We actually bought a lot of bread, like 2 day of supplies. In the end, host brought us out for most of our meals. So we had left overs. We shared with the Japanese.

We then changed into our work outfit again. P. Alan in his full gear (overall, boots, "helmet", and mask).

Fooling around!

We begin our journey to the affected area. The journey is about an hour and a half. I was asleep most of the journey until Clinton nudge me. And I woke up to a sight that is very disturbing. I can't believe these actually happened. Emotions just well up in my heart.

Not the lamp post. Look behind! Only the brick wall surrounding the house survived. The house is destroyed!

The better ones

Houses were there but now it is gone. Flat ground! Can you imagine that happening to your place? I guess not. This is not something anyone of us can understand as Singaporean. We're are just too protected and comfortable in our own cozy island. It's wrecked. The affected area is so huge. It's been more than a month since it happened. Yet, despite all the efforts by the local church, by the civil defense etc., there seem to be no improvement to the land. I can't help but feel disheartened.

Getting to work!

See that faint line?

It is the mud level!

Flooring totally destroyed. At least they still have their house. I am looking on the bright side!

Supposed to be surrounded by green pasture! Now...

We went out to help the local dig out muds. Something in the mud called 'hydro' and when it rain, the 'hydro' will produce a smell and that is not healthy to human. It is really a lot of work and more got to be done.

Every Singaporean son, has got to go through army right? And we got to dig shell scrape as well. Imagine digging with a shovel. Now imagine digging a whole of Yishun. I can tell you Akai is definitely much bigger than Yishun. We merely help for two short hours. There is really nothing much that we can do. The locals are really appreciative when we mentioned we're Singaporeans and that we are there to help. They will apologize for all the trouble.

Time given to dig a shells rape is 45 mins. How much can we accomplish with just 2 hours? And the area that big.

Team Evangelites and Team City Vision Glory

Friends I made, Hosanna, Nari, me and... Er.. I Forgot..
(left to right)

Saying good bye was the hardest thing. There are some many things needed to be done. So little time. So little man power. I feel so helpless.

Making our way back to Tokyo passing by Fukushima, like wise when going up to Sendai. Now we're super radiant! If you get what I mean.

P. Steve and P. Jeff from Convoy of Hope.

My Lunch. Ebi Tempura! It is delicious!

Waiting for our seats. Super nice dinner! You will see...

Sashimi! Big, fat and nice pieces of sashimi! You simply can't find this in Singapore!

Oiishi desu ne!

Huge bowl of chawamushi! YUMMY~

This Unagi is simply... huge! usually the sushi rice is bigger then the meat. But this! It does not make sense. Well, we are in Japan, nothing have to make sense. If I did not remember wrongly this cost 699yen. It taste different from singapore's Unagi as well. It is so soft, it melts in your mouth!

After dinner, we headed back to hotel. We're all very tired from all the work and travelling.