Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 3 (prelude)

This will just be a preview because I don't have my laptop with me and I do not really like blogging with my phone.

I am blogging in Sendai. And our location is about hundred kilometers away from the reactors.

Throughout the journey while we were in Japan thus far, we have been making jokes like 'I wonder where the sashimi comes from', 'this is probably freshly radiated veg'. Today, we really feel the aches of the people. We got to Izumi Church around 3 and we start moving supplies from their chapel to their new 'base' (office). We work pretty fast as the manpower strength is good. The people we met are really nice!

After we were done, we had some time to actually walk around the neighbourhood. The houses are beautiful, and we took some pictures. Suddenly a local woman from a house we were taking picture walk out to us and ask what are we doing. I think she probably assume we are badies. We told her her garden looks nice, but she don't really understand. We told her we are Singaporeans here in Japan to do some relief work. Immediately, she bow in gratitude and said thank you. We were really happy to be able to help, in anyway, we just happy to be able to even just show support with our presence. All locals , once they know we are Singaporeans and our purpose there, they are very grateful. One mentioned about Singapore's giving and said we are very generous.

More to come when we go back to hotel in Tokyo tomorrow night. That is if I am still sane after seeing the affected area and still got the energy.

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