Monday, April 25, 2011

The Lion King - A Broadway Musical

All of you must have watched the movie. But have you catch the musical live? In Singapore! It is a must watch, people! I bought category 4 ticket at $125 (excluding $3 sistic charge). I must say, it is impressive!

Here's a snipet for you! Hope it will entice you!

Simba and Nala

Was told to dress up for the musical so here I am!

Supposed to meet Deanne at 6 pm but I SNOOZED!! Woke up at 5.05pm. So ended up late for 20 mins. We had dinner at Thai Express, and the tom yum seafood fried rice is so Fxxxking SPICY!

We then headed down to Marina Bay Sands (MBS), I was perspiring while walking ok! As you can see I wore the same jacket I wore when I was in Japan! This is what we call "ai shui mai mia", which translate to "I rather die looking good than not". Haha Gaga...

MBS also have this "exhibition" of The Lion King musical.

Their ticket looks good! I like the star! At Resort World Sentosa (RWS), it is just a plain ticket. Even their ticket sleeve! Why can't RWS customize?!

You see the barcode on the left side of the ticket? Well, now all they do is scan and you can keep the ticket. WHOLE! At RWS you still get torn ticket butts :(

Deanne getting excited and camwhoring with the tickets.


Love this towel, but I didn't get it...


Camwhores ALERT!

Singapore Next Top Model!

Gorgeous smile :D

Seated and waiting for the show to start! Super excited!

The curtain's UP!!!!

I had goosebumps ok! It is great! Their voices! Their energy! Their costumes are brilliant! Especially Simba's and Scar's head dress! Can move one!

Here a video on all the characters!

It was applause after applause! Fantastic show! I clap till my hands are tired!

End off this post with picture of our beautifully lit city...

p.s.: show's extended till july!!
p.s.: I don't mind watching again! buy me tickets!

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