Thursday, April 7, 2011


Met up with Cheryn, Irene, Chloe and Chun Kiat for lunch before work. Decided on Marche! Yeah, loving Marche because there's ROSTI!!! YUM YUM!

My Marche Guest Card


Irene and Me (She's on the phone)

Me and the Rosti Stall! YUMMY!

Still camwhoring at the Rosti stall, till the staff told me no taking of pictures!



Pasta with mushroom (German noodle)

Seafood fried rice (nice!)

Cheryn's testing the fried rice and she seems happy about it.

Chloe and Me



Cheryn, Chun Kiat, Irene, Chloe and Me (From left to right)

Savoring the prawn (chloe shelled for her!)

We (the cow and I) fell in love. This is what I call love at first sight! Haha.

Fantastic four? NOT! Foursome!

Waiting for our Gong Cha

< Thanks people for the company, enjoyed my lunch, though I feel pretty full! Haha Gaga.. These are the things that made us, at least me, stay. =)

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