Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 2

*knock knock* Clinton: hey 7.30 already, faster, everyone waiting downstairs! I was like oh no! Quickly went to wash up then rush down!

My breakfast. I didn't take bigger portion because it's not really my kinda breakfast. Maybe I am not really a breakfast person either.

Adventurious POR trying all kind of food during breakfast. After breakfast P.Quee Beng shared devotion (2 Corinthians). Then we proceeded to meet with Pastor Funaktsu (not sure how to spell, consulted Clinton and he say just put "Pastor F", Thanks Clinton!)

While waiting

Clinton touching up before meeting his "Pastor F".

Planning our trip to Sanyukai.

Imgagine this scene - seven grown ups taking out their camera and start shooting this Cherry Blossom tree that is in the middle of nowhere. One shot with this angle, another shot with that angle. That was what we did when we saw the tree above. Locals walking past us kept starring. Hilarious!

Another shot of the tree. Like I said we took a few with different angles.

On the train going to Minama-senju station. Heavy heart.

Er, too complicated to explain to you. So =X

The sun is so glaring! Yet the temperature is so nice! Can't we have that back in Singapore? Pls? Then we came across this なみだばし, 泪桥 which mean Bridge of tears. The is where the society separate the poor and the better to dos. How sad. Reached Sanyukai (Sanyukai is a organization that help to provide food and health care to the homeless and needy) and we saw Rita. Immediately she expressed her gratitude towards EFC's giving:) we're glad to be able give during this time of trouble as well.

They also have this 'motel' that allows those homeless to rent for ¥68000 for a month. Each room has got three tatami mat. The rental includes accommodation, food, electricity, and single medical care. Very well thought. The problem is, there are more people joining the homeless. People as young as 30 plus. They have family at home. Their parents are still around. However, They just refused to go back home. Last time, men who lost their job, they would not go home too, because of pride. Or they will purposely stay out late for 'entertainment'. So is this the case why people are joining the homeless? Because of pride? Hmm *pondering Man's pride is important. But it can hurt people too. We have to always have our pride level in check.

Moriya san was explaining about their new challenge that they are facing :(

Then we saw this very cool car park. Basicaaly this card park is electronically operated. You just need to drive your car into your "lot" at ground level, then press a button and this machine will raise your car up into the air and there, you car is parked.

More Sakura


We then headed down to Shibuya for lunch. YEAH! Behold, THE famous Hachiko. You probably already know the story so I need not elaborate further.

We had RAMEN

P.Alan buying ticket for our ramen order. He's trying to clear his coins as you can see.

Yummy ramen!! *slurp* We then head down to meet with P. Alan's friend Wei Kong who also work along side with Crash Japan. All Slept late last night and woke up early this morning. And after lunch. This is what happened. We were all very sleepy.

P. Alan

P. Dale

Wei Kong sharing his stories. Shared his experience with the 311 quake and the relief work he's done. He mentioned that many people died after the quake because they suddenly felt life is meaningless, their neighbors, friends, loved ones are no longer around. Perished along with the tsunami. He also mentioned there was this young lady 17 years old, is the sole survivor in her family of 8. In this case, if it were to happen to me, I would probably kill myself too. I don't know. Can't say for sure till it happened. I would know how to comfort her as well. Things for this young lady would be tough and different. Hearing all these stories, I hope it will help to prepare me for tomorrow's trip up north to Sendai. He then showed us around a little of Crash Japan Office.

It looks like our mobilization centre. It is very small. They are trying to gather more staff so that they can facilitate bigger group of volunteers. So if anyone of you considering that. You can go to to connect with them and to get more information. They are actually looking for people to stay there for at one of their base camp in the disaster zone for one to three months. Just beside, is Christian Academy Japan (CAJ), it is a school for christian chilren. Mainly for missionaries children. Not all can get in though. This may well be the school Elijah will enrol in. Who knows?

Sakura in the school! With schools like that who would want to skip class?

Oh, and roses too!

On the train back to Shibuya for SHORT shopping, by short I mean SHORT! Like one hour? Yap.

Shopping at H&M. Sexist! 1st to 3rd floor for ladies! ONLY ONE PATHETIC FLOOR FOR US MEN! To my surprise, most of the sizes are my size, but to Clinton's dismay! Haha Gaga.

599 yen

1500 yen All meet up again to go shopping again. This time round for our supply of food and water. These is for trip up north, Sendai. *chills. Clinton: I wonder if they sell pies, I want to buy pies. Me: Huhs why pies? Clinton: Sendai now got alot of muds right. So we can have mud pie there. Me: Roll eyes Clinton: Maybe we should go before dawn. Me: why? Clinton: So we can have don pie also. Me: Clinton you got to stop, the weather is already very cold, no cold jokes needed. Most of us bought bread because this is the only thing that can be kept for longer perios. Clinton and I bought this Chocoring. 2 for 1001 yen, come to think of it, it is pretty ex. But It is nice.

Dinner Some fried food. Yummy!

Waiting for seats

While waiting for our food, Clinton got bored and decided to make fun of me.


Mine A very satisfying meal.

Blogging into notes so I can do it faster later when I get back to hotel.

Holy Bridge?

Trying out my working outfit. Hilariously big! Thanks Choo Chye! I shan't take anymore pictures with this outfit! Heading up to Sendai tomorrow. I need my sleep and energy! Pray for us! Pray for Japan! I really need my sleep.. Good night... I miss me...

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