Friday, April 1, 2011

5D4N Bangkok, Thailand

Went for 5D4N Bangkok, Thailand trip. With Paul, then join by Zhi Wei and Alvin. Well, Paul and I took Tiger, I was actually afraid of any delays, but to my surprised, flight's on time! HeEz~

We arrived and cleared the custom. And we saw this big group of people. A group of girls surronded by cameras and security guards. Apparently they are some Korean girl band or something. When they came out, their fans was like "SARANGHEYO!" I tried really hard to take their pics, but maybe too hard! Sorry. I have no idea who they are though.

I am just not a crazy fanatic of kpop, but I like their songs and dances. The fan are all already waiting outside for them. *SCREAMS*SARANGHEYO* The last time I did these kinda sutff was like what.. Centuries ago? Haha.. And ONLY to my dear Sun Yanzi.

BTW, her latest album, 是時候 (It's Time) is out, please go and buy and support! I love 當冬夜漸暖 and 愚人的國度 the rest, just listen a few more time and you start to realise it's good too. Back to my holiday. We took a taxi to hotel, we stayed at Tango Vibrant Living Place, near Baiyoke Sky, spent about 300bht. Acutally, could have taken the Airport rail that goes to Ratchaprarop station, much cheaper. Still, 300bht is already very cheap, considering the distance. So, shan't complain about it.

The check in process ws pretty fast, just that no bell boy or anyone helped us to bring up our luggage or show us our room. Nevermind. We were both pretty tired. We slept after check-in for a couple of hours before heading out to night markets.

You noticed anything wrong with this sign? Well, it's their operating hours. If they can survive with that kinda operating hours, then I suppose they charge a hefty sum for massage!

Day one is actually a very slack day, nothing much. I wanted to eat A&W but we could not find it. So we ate something else, which I can't remember. Walk around abit beofre heading back to hotel. I wanted to go for massage (those proper ones!) but P don't. So, I head out myself to find one. I did Traditional Thai Massage, where, you know, they actually press you here, press you there, pull you here, pull you there, CRACK you here, CRACK you there. At times it was painful but mostly, it was pleasure. When they press your inner thigh, it is so itchy, I wanted to laugh, but I hold it in me, because I find it embrassing to laugh out. LOLz~

Day 2, Dim Sum breakfast! The canton house, ok I forgot where is it le, just know it is near some station. damn cheap!


Total 228bht. Exhange rate is 23.92. Go calculate it yourself!

Next up is Chatuchak!!

Crazy Ronald McDonald!

Accidental nice pic! Artistic huhz? My talent!

Gorgeous looking cupcakes. DON'T be deceived by their looks! They don't taste as good as their look.

Their celebrity cycled around the area to raise awareness of Earth Hour.

They look so good, I do not even need to photoshop!!!!

Krispy Kreme!!! (@ Sian Paragon)

AND AT NIGHT MARKETS?!?!?! Yes, they are authentic Krispy Kreme. They order in bulk to sell out here.

Bottles of colour contacts.

Bought a pair (1 year) for 199bht.

Camwhoring with the contact on.

Decided to have some seafood, not a spread though.

Bean Sprout

Snow Fish

And Black Pepper Crab!

Last day, went back to Siam Paragon to buy Krispy Krene again! Decided to tabao back for my family. It taste fantastic! Too bad if you have yet to put your tongue on it before! Haha Gaga...

Didn't buy alot of sutff this time. But I bought lotsa Pocky!

There are actually more pics. It is with KOH ZHI WEI! He has yet to pass it to me!

So this is it.

Good night people.

I miss me....

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