Friday, April 8, 2011

Family Dinner @ Orchid Live Seafood

Set out today to Paya Lebar to "bai" my long deceased dad. Mom bought him, er, can't remember what. After that we head down to Resort World Sentosa because mom wants to go there and look see look see. Just nice I had to submit some stuff for my Japan trip (very scared, still I hope to help).

Oh, and Mom bought this polo tee with silver "Universal Studios Singapore" logo embroidery. After Staff discount and my voucher, we didn't pay a single cent =) Getting late, so we made our way to Sembawang. Our rendevouz to meet sis for LOBSTER PORRIDGE! YEAH~

Just beside Khatib Camp.

Live and swimming LOBSTERS!


Some fish

大头(big head, bigger lala, lolz!)

While waiting for sis to come. As requested by mom, this is photoshopped! Because the un-doctored pic shows her tummy, Haha Gaga!

Sis arrived with present for me!(Belated birthday present, my birthday is in Jan!) My new Porter iPhone pouch! Happy =)

This picture's colour not very good, the colour is nicer de!

Can't wait to use it!

My new Porter pouch meet my sis' Rabbit iPhone cover.

Cold crab. Yes. COLD! It is nice okay!

Big Head

They suddenly brought in a big basin and put it on our table! It is huge.


She can't wait to dunk her head into the "basin" to suck up all the porride and the lobster. Haha Gaga~

Lobster dug out from the porridge, NICE~

So in love.

Prawns! For past few years, I dare say decade, I haven't touch it until recently! YUMMY!

Prawny SMILEZ~

The meal is so fulfilling and I was pretty full. Don't believe?

This is my tummy! No photoshop!

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