Sunday, April 3, 2011


These few day seems like nothing is going my way. Just 2 days back, I wanted to have my hair cut. At Essensual (after I saw typicalben's blog), decided to give it a try. Will be keeping my bangs for awhile though. When I got there around 1pm, the receptionist told me they are fully booked till evening, but I start work at pm!!! So I made an appointment for the next day same time.

After leaving the salon disappointed, I went to iluma, wanted to change the strap on my watch. I simply love this watch and its a gift from friends. The strap look so disgusting! I was told that I can change it there, since I am at bugis, so why not just head down to change it.

The sales person told me I can choose other colour to replace but I only want the gold one, if not it will not match. Then he went to check but there's no more stock! SHYT! Forget it, I told him to call me once it arrived. Then last night a cockroach was flying in my room!! Those who followed me on twitter would know. Because I kinda flooded with tweets. Its was a traumatizing experience!

I was suppose to wake up today for my hair cut appointment at 1pm. Before I realised, it is already 1 pm when I wake up!!! So I missed my appt! Tried to cut my hair, but both attempts failed. I called Essensuals immediately to reschedule. So next appt is on monday 12pm.

Just can't seem to get anything right, I probably need a personal assistant. Anyone wanna interview? No pay though =)

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