Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 1

Peace Maker On The Road (POR) Japan. :Hope for a Broken World: Support Edition Participating un supportive presence of bringing hope t=for a rokenworld - Japan and assisting Kanazawa Christ Church's relief work. Boarding Time!
Touched down in Japan Haneda Airport safe and sound. Waiting for our driver
Staying her for first two nights before heading up to Sendai =) While checking in =) "Clintie Gal" Room 922. We each have a room to ourselves, so we can have good rest before going up to Sendai (and I appreciate that) My Room My "Supper" because I didn't eat much on board. Was too tired. Did I mention I just finised working NIGHT shift before gg to airport? :X Last picture of the day. So far everything is very smooth and good. No unforeseen circumstance yet or anything bad. Feels like a holiday so far. I MEAN SO FAR! This is definitely not a holiday trip. Hope our efforts will make at least touched SOME people, or make a difference. Good Night people. Needa wake up early for tomorrow activities. Visitation and all =)

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