Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 3 - Journey to Sendai

Met at AG headquater Japan at 8am.

Group picture. The two caucasians are Americans, Convoy of Hope a disaster response organization, they are also at Tsunami in Indonesia.


We set out for Sendai at 8.20am. Just when our journey begin, we saw this whole stretch or whole park of Cherry Blossom trees. It is really beautiful.

Feeling uneasy

Supplies that we brought

Clinton sharing how his iPhone cover also works as a emergnecy charger.

Our first stop. Need to get out for a stretch. Blossom trees again.

Love this picture!

Their soldiers. Heading the same direction I suppose.

180KM to Sendai, Japan.

Another stop for lunch.

This way to Sendai!

Topo (navigation)

Once we got to Sendai, we immediately changed into our working gear. Need to move loads of supplies from the chapel to the new base that they leased.

Passing out gloves to protect our hands. The glove is not good though, too big and always got caught when we pass things around.

Evangelites at work!

P. Alan


Suppose to a jump shot, but Clintom don't know how to take jump shot pictures!

Set up the chapel for a last minute prayer meeting.

Went for a walk around the neighbourhood before heading our for dinner.

Beautiful Sunset!

Result of Earthquakes

I almost fell here!

The lamp post is slanted

Praying for various request

Chatting with Nari before going to bed. Conversation, good conversation!

Need to sleep. Will need energy for tomorrow. Heading to the affect area to help out.

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