Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Taxis In Singapore

In the recent years, taxi have been in many accidents. Who is at fault? I think it depends on situation.

Recently, my family and I went out till late. We then decided to take a cab home. Well, there isn't any choice other than taking cab as it was already 12+ in the morning.

I took the front seat while the rest are sitted behind. While my brother's girlfriend (HT) was boarding (the rest have already boarded), the taxi driver started the vehicle! HT's one foot is already in the vehicle, when this happened. She almost fell.

This is very dangerous. I immediately told the driver "aiyo uncle, safety first lei". He apologised. He added that he only saw the left side door closed and move the vehicle and that he is sorry.

Only after driving a few hundred metres, he then put on his safety belt.

Initially, I did not feel much about this incident. The more I think about it, the more I feel that this is really dangerous.

I went on to gave a summary of what happened to the taxi company.

They called me up and say will investigate.

Well, I waited patiently. Today I received a reply:

My first thought upon receiving this email is "Oh shit, what have I done?!"

Yes, I feel bad for the driver. What if he is the sole breadwinner right?

You may think that I should not have feedback. But this incident did not happen to you, so you feel I should not have provided that feedback.

What if, I mean what if. Hypothetically, speaking. Ok. What if, this happen while a small kid is trying to board the car and the driver sudenly move the vehicle? He/She would fall, hurt their head. Thank goodness this happened to an adult, a sober and agile adult.

What if this happens to your granny? What happens if this happen to a mother who is carrying an infant?

I mean, there is so many what if.

The aim of my feedback, really, is not to have him/her terminated. I want to company to know this happened and this can happened to any driver. They should look into how to help the driver not to make the same mistake again.

Termination is too harsh! Yes. This is his/her rice bowl.

What could have been a better option?

1 - Retraining
2 - fines
3 - temporal suspension

What are some of the things  you think that the company could have done instead of termination?

I want to share this with the taxi company. Leave a comment.

Once again, please do not mistake my intension. 

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