Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We had joy, we had fun!

Supposed to meet 0830 at Kallang MRT and MR LIM YI MING's late. So in the end, all late. Anyways, started briefing, like the different parts of the kayak, what is are the type of kayak, etc. Kinda boring, but I know they had to do it la.

Then we are all set and ready to go! Here's a picture taken for us by other FOREIGNER in our group! We are pretending that we are not locals!

See Clinton capsize!

Listening carefully to the instructors.

ACT HARDWORKING! Haven't start paddling lo!

Resting, while waiting for other to catch up!

Here they come! No wonder so slow! Lynn is resting. Clinton is clueless! Muahahaha!

Clinton hurried his paddle into the water to pretend! While Lynn just posed!

Why are Joel and Lydia paddling on two different side? No team work! Negative demo!

Ok. He gave up.

NDP rehearsal!

Resting. Clinton trying very hard to get out. Stuck!!!

Lydia enjoys watching Clinton struggling to get out of the kayak.

Lynn taking private lesson on holding the paddle.

Oh! Suddenly drizzle. Then rain. Then down pour. Cannot remember when was the last time I was in the rain. Definitely when I was in army. Enjoyed the rain!

Did not realise Cedric was taking picture, else I would have posed!

My hair looks ugly!

Joel caught resting and letting Lydia do all the paddling!

Group pic on the water!

Thanks "Fishy" for taking the pics!

Clinton getting ready to capsize...

We definitely had fun though it was tiring!

What's next?

I heard Paintball's coming up! Can't wait!

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