Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Are we Singaporeans really good at complaining? Are we too fussy? Are we too spoilt?

When is the right time to complain (feedback)?

I am believe in feedback, but I do not feedback on every single litle things like "why is my chocolate milk tea not chocolaty enough".

There are a few situation I will do it.

1 - Time

If I was told to wait for 5 mins, I expect he/she get back to me within 10 mins. There was once I waited for super long and I literally scolded the person on the spot and emailed after.

What happened was I sent my SONYERICSSON phone to service centre for servicing. Was told to collect it on xx/xx/20xx. So i went down and took my queue no and waited. When it was my turn, they told me to wait for AWHILE, so I waited for about 10 mins, the person came back and told me my phone is not ready for collection.

I told them that I was told that it is ready fo collection else why would you guys call. The episode went on and after about 2 hours, I finally gotten back my phone.

I was actually going somewhere after that and because of this incident I had to take cab. Iwrote an email immediately after I got home and they called the next morning. Efficient? Maybe it is because of whom I CC-ed the email to.

2 - Quality

I was at WATAMI Ion or dinner with my friends. It was a busy day I suppose. We waited for sometime before we could get attention of the servers to take our orders. We waited for sometime before the food was served. It came COLD. LITERALLY! Not warm. And they forgot to bring us utensils. Again, it took sometime before we gotten our utensils. Disappointment again, because the utensils are not clean.

Immediately I took the dirty utensils and went straight to their manager. But he went to toilet, so I said I will wait. about 10 mins later he came to me asking me what's wrong. I told him about my experience for the whole night, waiting, cold food, slow attention, dirty utensils.

(Checking to ensure that the utensils are clean before handing out to the guest takes minimal effort and at most 5 seconds? I do not see the difficulty in that)

There are more... Lazy to elaborate.

On the other side.

Is our service standard low? Or is it our expectation too high?

It is my job to provide good customer service as well. I find that our service level is actually not as bad as we think. Alright, there are always bad eggs amongst the good ones. Even in Japan, Hong Kong, there will be bad eggs as well.

At times, It is the customer that make the service provider "pek chek". When we explain somethings to the guest, they do not really listen. They will then come back saying we did not tell them this or tell them that, thus bad service!

What nonsense is this?

I think service is a two way thing. You want people to serve you well, you gotta first be polite etc. Same as respect.

We don't owe you no shxt!

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