Saturday, November 26, 2011

Transformer The Ride (USS)

Yes! It is finally up~

We got the chance to take the ride before it is open to public.

It is really good~~~~

Just looking at the ride entrance, I am already very excited! Bee~~~

Side view

Front! Actually I took one of myself with the entrance but the quality is very bad so decided to delete it :( There will always be next time for me~

While queuing for the ride~

The ride is a combination of "The revenge of the Mummy" and "Shrek 4D". If you have been to USS and took these two ride, you probably know what I meant and is MOST PROBABLY gotten very excited too~

I must say the 3D show is amazing, and combining the ride to move around the whole set. It is just fantastic. You will experience heat, water, falling, swirling, flying, dragging, crashing, etc.

This is very lame, I know. I AM BEE~~~~

p.s. I have yet to use my complimentary tickets! Can't wait~

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