Saturday, October 22, 2011

Since this is my PERSONAL blog, I am allowed to rant right?

Well this is all about work. I shall not qoute my company name.

Recently things have been happening. Unhappy things. I shall not name it.

If you guys followed me on Twitter, you would've know that recently I have been feeling down and pretty upset about work. (If you haven't follow me on Twitter, DO IT NOW!)

Let me tell you the whole story.

When I first join this company, I signed the Letter of Appointment under Membership, but was posted to Coachbay.

Well, what we do at coachbay:

- when the bus arrives, we take down information.

- survey on bus arrival

- in-charge of a rest place for guest

After being there for about one and a half months, I request to transfer to Membership. Reason for transfer, I do not like working at Coachbay. Hot, stuffy and stuff.

After going into Membership, just nice, it is time for appraisal.

I, being such a perfectionist, wanting to win everything, was expecting a good appraisal. However, my manager, EFKW, gave mi a bad rating. Performance Level (PL) being best and PL1 worst. I got PL2, which in turn affected my bonus and increment. How can I, Alex Lee, be an under-average, under-performed worker?! I could not take it. Went to HR to express my unhapiness (they said if we think that the appraisal if unfair we can go to HR), they say will get back to me.

Five minutes later, my BELOVED MANAGER, EFKW, called and ask me if I went to HR about my appraisal. She said it is MANAGEMENT'S DECISION. Because I transfer to membership not long still got alot of things to learn. This I agree. Still, how can you compare me to someone who already in membership for so long?! This time I am going to keep my mouth shut!

After working in Memberhip for a year, they now want to transfer me back to Coachbay. At the place where I work, we need lisence given by the government to do things. I have got the lisence. There are so many people without lisence and yet they want to push me out. I am not gonna say I am an elite in Membership, but I know my stuff. In fact, I strongly believe that I performed much better than many. Yet this is happening to me.

After I know about the news of pushing me out. I immediately called manager and ask about the news. Then she pass the phone to my BELOVED MANAGER, EFKW! She said she also don't know about the new all she can do is to send email and ask. She said all these calmly. without feeling. No, she has feeling. Feeling of being disturbed by me. All these happened when I am on off.

Once I come back to work, I was deployed at Coachbay. Fast right. Great!

This is the reason I am feeling down. Still, I have to work. I am taking it better now though.

I went to ask EFKW again about th email. She said it is confirm that I will be going out. I probed why, she said it is the MANAGEMENT'S DECISION. Again?!

Does this company I work for really care for its employee.

I do work hard. Yet things happened.

My colleague even asked me "Alex, see, why you work so hard for?"

This is my thinking: If I HAVE to do some thing, why not just put in more effort to do that some thing to achieve better result.

In fact I got a hard time working with lazy people.

I am not going to fight to stay anymore. If they treasure me, they will change their mind or fight for me. It is not like I did not fight for myself. I did.

To whoever I offended to get this kinda retribution. You truly is a 小人.

Now, another round of appraisal.

Honstly, I think I deserve a better treatment. I deserve a better job.

I keep telling myself to endure and stay till after bonus! I WILL DO IT!

A Million Changes. One Company. Huat Ah!

P.S. don't ask me which copany I work for, find out yourself.

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