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Phuket Trip - 27 - 30 Sept 2012

Finally got new post!! muahahaha..  somemore so back dated one.. 

Think the last time I went to Phuket (HKT) is during my Poly year 2 bahz. Very long ago.. that time was staying at not so good hotel... but near the beach la...

This time staying at.... see for yourself..

Nice weather to fly huhz..

After touch down, the transfer guy came and meet us to bring us to the villa. Yes, villa.. with a private pool! Always wanted to stay at villa.. to me.. the idea to skinny dip is so exciting.. but of coz with frenz.. cannot la.. so paiseh right... how to skinny dip.. unless I am alone... I will.. Ok..

Villa name is Bangtao private villa.. it is located at Bangtao.. DUHZ~ eh.. Bangtao Residence.. heard that it is one of the atas (high class) place.. well, it does seems like it. 

When we reach, we were driven straight to our villa.. not to the reception! And the staff explain things clearly, like the wifi password (yes! got complimentary WIFI!), complimentary fruit plate! etc, etc.. All done at our villa! Imagine after checking in at teh reception counter, you still have to drag your luggages to your villa, sianz right.. I like it!

The moment we stepped into the villa.. We all went "WOAH~" immediately went to see this, touch that.. haha... so suak lo.. then 

See.. so nice right.. you stepped out of the hall will be the pool already.. love it..


Looking at this picture now sure make me wanna plunge into the pool!! Crazy Singapore weather.. URGH!

 The toilet is super spacious, I tell you~~ if you put a single bed inside.. you still got room to walk around! yes.. its that big! but no bath tub la.. honestly... even if have.. I dun really dare to use it also lei.. scared dirty.. haha..

Then we saw this BBQ pit.. so we decided to make our own meal that day.. Immediately... we went out to Tesco to do some groceries shopping.. Tadah~~

We are like preparing for war lei.. so many things.. oh ya.. tell you something! you see the two blue colour cap on the top left of the trolley.. I super love those.. Whenever I go Thailand, or Taiwan or wherever that have these, i will buy.. it cultured milk... like yakult/vitagen.. just that its big bottle... In Singapore, one small bottle drink already not nice lei (bu shuang).. this one drink already shiok ar..

Bacon with golden mushroom.. I wrapped one hor.. nice right?! YUMMY~~ 

We also bought ready food.. Chicken..

Tom yum soup made by my friend.. of coz with the season from Tesco la.. very nice also.. 

So you see.. the villa also got a full kitchen... lotsa utensils too.. 

The BBQ pit was supposed to be on second floor balcony.. but we decided to carry it down and have it by the pool.. super enjoy lo..

Look at the amount of food we have..

Getting the things ready.. also want to take pic together la..

The water super cold.. but the soup is hot.. so the combi is super good.. haha.. I still want to do this again..

Then the following day, we had to wake up super early.. we went to island hopping.. the boat ride was horrible.. take hours to go there.. and enjoy only for awhile then come back liaoz.. somemore my friend have mal-sea-sickness.. at least its not serious..

At night we went for Phuket FantaSea.. it not that fantastic la.. we all kinda fell asleep.. probably we are all tired from the morning trip out to the sea.. and waking up so early..


 the decoration all very cute..

 I see Xiao-Hei..

 Then I see Xiao-Bai.. eh.. not exactly xiao huhz..

He/She were actually having diarrhea.. I took a pic of it pooping.. but dunno where is the pic..

Next day, we went elephant riding etc.. First activity was "carriage"

Then we went for fish spa.. SUPER ITCHY, I tell you..

Then also got elephant show.. he was throwing darts to burst the balloons... if u see clearly.. you can spot the dart.. its bright green in colour..

Prince and the elephant.

In case you can't see clearly.. she is Miss World 2012... Muahahaha... the hand so small.. and soft.. she perform stunts for us too.. then halfway through.. she just sat there and peed.. yes.. urinated.. haha.. so funny..

Then we went for cooking class.. she taught us Thai mango salad.. so easy.. but I forgot liao..  I lazy to make it, anyway..

Then we sent for the cabaret show.. oh.. you can see the boobs + nipples... sorry.. didn't censor.. not inteding to too..

In all cabaret, sure got this funy character one.. super funny la..


We also spent out Mid Autmn there.. we brought our own lantern there.. bought some candles and tadah~~~

We had Bakerz Inn moon cake.. as well as Good Wood Park Hotel one.. we brought it there.. wa.. super enjoy this trip.. but everyday like wake up so early.. tired too..

Next trip coming up: Bangkok + Siem Reap

So stay tune for the next update...

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