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Cambodia/Bangkok Part I

(Warning: quite a lengthy post)

I have always wanted to visit destination that are not are developed.. like Vietnam, Cambodia.

Finally, I get to go to Cambodia, all paid for! You know what, Bangkok, Thailand as well! That will be in the next post ba.. This post already too many pics toshow liao. 

So that day was the launch of A380 for Thai Airways (TG) we all had to gather and take pic with some big shot of TG for the launch as well as the captians of that flight. I do not have that pic though.

So, how different issit on a A380? well, to me, just that the turbulence not that strong ba.. 

We are allocated upper deck, we had to walk past all the business class seats, almost all empty!  Initially I though "wa, so good meh? we get to take business class!"  Then my dream shattered, there is my Economy seat. haha.. but still am glad i got this opportunity!

Managed to take pic of the business class seat. Look so comfy!!

Touch screen one de wor! Am i suaku or what? But I still prefer to use the remote la. Coz after pressing for awhile, my arms got tired. haha~

We are flying into Bangkok (BKK), Thailand and stay for the night before continueing into Cambodia.

After touch down into  BKK, we were transfered and check-in near by hotel. Novotel Suvarnabhumi. It was already late like 1am, I think. Still have to wake up early the following day to tour the hotel. Yawns~~

 The hotel room is big and yeah we all got a room to ourselves. ONE BIG BED to myself!!!

 Got Bathtub too! Well, was tired to use it so bathed and slept!

After waking up and Breakfast, we all start hotel inspection. 

 The first place we went is to the pool  and to the  gym.

 Not many people using it lei.

 Then off to the Spa rooms we go!

I asked "do we get complimentary spa"? NO we don't! hahaa..

 Nice ambeince in the corridor.

 Thai Massage room. It is quite big.

 The private one with a jacuzzi tub and shower as well. Good for couples.

 The lobby.

This hotel have got hourly rate as well. somehing i like about this hotel is that they let you use it for 24hrs is you book it for one day. You know some hotel normal check-in time is 2pm and check-out at 11am. But this hotel, if you arrive at 9pm, you check-out 9pm!

Good right!

Also very near the train station that brings you to the city. The entrance of the train station is just outside the hotel.

After hotel inspection, we were greeted by the tour operator for our Cambodia tour. So, our journey to Cambodia starts from here. We take mini van to Cambodia! Gosh!

Before we leave Thailand, we had our lunch at this nicely decorated place. The whole place like in the wild.

 Lunch hosted by Thai Tourism, forgot the name again!  Media busy taking pics and agents busy chatting! haha~

 See, really like lunching in the juingle right! 

 The exterior of the dining place. Alfresco.

 Then we arrive at the borders. Here, got market also. sell many fake goods and food. I mean real food la..

 I thought it looks nice so I took it.

 This push cart is to help us to bring our luggage into Cambodia. So upon arrival at the border, they took our luggage and load it up and push it all the way into Cambodia.

 Just outside the custom. Oh ya, the tour operator already took our passport and submit to the custom. So even before we cleared the custom, our passport already stamped.

 This is the custom. So we had priority Q. HEHE~~~~ The custom officer just look at our passport and our face and let us pass.  Like Royalty!

Coming out from the custom.

 Kingdom of Cambodia! Where is my kingdom?


So we have to take this mini-bus to the bus terminal to take another mini-bus to Siem Reap.

The luggage are already loaded up on this mini bus.

The children playing around. No, that is not a hula hoop. Its bicycle tyre rubber! And the smaller kid is naked from waist down.

 After about 15 - 20 mins, we arrive at the bus terminal. the whole place quite well maintained.  At least there is proper toilet here. My messy hair after the ride.

We all have to squeeze in tho this mini-bus and ride for hours. Luggages in the mini-bus as well!

Fields after fields. Very nice!

After, I think,  4 hours, we arrive at our hotel and we saw......



We stayed at Ree Hotel. Accodring to our guide, its owned by a Singaporean. That's why there is this Merlion outside the lobby.

Our dinner is a buffet spread of many kinda food, and got the Cambodian dance. Don't know call what la.


They are called Apsara I think. 

After dinner, some of us went to the night market to walk around. Beer and Massage! Super cheap lo!

US$1 for foot massage for 15 mins?! US$3 for mani/pedicure?! yes. it is true. You still can bargain lo, like US$3 for 1 hour massage! GOSH. Super cheap la!

 They also sell many local products. Like paintings.

 They also weave scarves.

After walking around awhile, we had to head back to hotel to rest because the next day, there is going to be alot of walking. We are visiting the temples!!! 

Because the hotel not very nice, so decided not to show pics.

This boy is blind. He comes to the hotel everyday to perfom the instrument in the pic and people will give donation to him. Then after that, he goes to school. He's a orphan thats y.

In order to visit the temples, you need to buy ticket. So we head to this place to buy the ticket. You wonder why we all have to go and not the guide buy liao pass to us?

Well because the tiket is like a pass, got our picture one!

All q-ing to get our pics taken.

Tadah! My pass!

And the first one we go to is Angkhor Wat. The biggest and the most magnificient!

 If you were to go to Cambodia, you will se that many place also have this. This is the water serpent. It is believed to bring wealth.

The best time to go to this temple is very early in the moring. If not, you will have problem with your pics.

 This is before editing! So dark, can only see shyt lo!

 I look like a school boy? hehe~~

 Another pose~

Trying very hard to take artistic pics.

 This is one of the entrance. There are a few entrance. Last time, the middle one is for the royalty, i think. Then got one for animals and one for people. Can't remember.

Alot of damage. They had to use the wood to hold it up.

 The whole grop of us.

 The carving. One of them. 

If the water is still, it would be better. Then the reflection of the temple would be on the water!

 One of the media taking pic, and I sniped her!

This ang moh getting blessed by this "monk"

One missing stone if you noticed.

 The inside. The carvings are really intricate lo. Too bad the acid in the rain destroyed it.


Going up is easy! BUT NOT COMING DOWN~ there is no hand rail ok! I took some time walking down!

Some days, this is open but not the day we went! URGH!

You see what I mean?! GOSH~~

I don't know why the rest can go down so easily. They not scared one meh!!! Wei~~ Wait for me!!! Some of them down there still can laugh at me!


 The carving on the wall inside the temple. This Cannot remember the story liao la!

From outside. Because of the sunlight, I had trouble editing the pic. THe colour on of the temple is not right lei!

I have been here!!!!

 Another temple. More ruins.

 The tree and the temple and the group os us! Alot of people is behind the camera all laughing at us. Because one of the group mate is dancing Gangnam Style!

We all had a tiring day walking temples. Hot somemore!  We had some time before dinner so went back to hotel and rested.

 Camwhore before heading out for dinner!

 Dinner, again, is hosted by... eh.. Sorry.. forgot...

 This is the starter, something like Thai Mango Salad.

People around the table order their beer and people start asking me how old am I because I ordered Chocolate milkshke and because of my look. I said 18 and all believe! hahaha~~

The main. The chicken is alil too tought but the otah is nice~ Yummy~~


After dinner, a group of us decided to head out to the market again to walk around and massage. We had a little too much walk so need to massage ok! Then we came across this pub street. Many ang moh dancing around and having fun.

 Angkor What?!?!?!?!?!

 Neon Colours. So nice.

They can actually play Gangnam Style 3 timse and not sick of it! Gosh!!!

Here, I also had a scary experience. Another guy kept touching me and kept invitingme to dance! Other agents also never help me!!! URGH! 

This is the last night in Cambodia. Then we head back to BKK!!! Yea~~

This time round, the mini bus is bigger and we had can sit comfortably for the horrily long journey!

On the way back, we visited the stones making place. 

 Many many many many carvings!

The making of it.

They really hand crave lei~ wa.. I take my hat off!

 The road BACK!

We also visited a farming acedemy while on the way back to BKK.

 Cute right!

 These people are learning to plant the rice. So tiring lei. have to bend down. At the end of the day, sure ache here and there one lo!

The farmer also will have to bring their own water buffalo. So tht both can go through the trainig together.

This place is very serene. So grab the opportunity to camwhore agian!

 To be continued~~

Next up, Bangkok!

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