Friday, March 25, 2011

Congrats - Jas and Gary!

I shall dedicate my first post to Jasmine and Gary!

I had a very good sleep! I slept for almost 24 HOURS! 22 hours to be exact. I was really really tired. Slept through my calls, texts, emails etc.. Waking up this morning feel good and weak at the same time. Slept too long without water, food and sugar!

So immediately went to cook noodles and then head out to P's, spent some time there. Got home, time to wash up and prepare to go to J and G's wedding! So excited because will be wearing my new purchases from (not advertising!)

Meeting Christine at Yishun control to go together. This is the first time seeing her in HEELS! Haha... she told me that she'll get cramps later on...

Oh, forgot to mention it's held at The Regents Singapore (not advertising!!!). Got there in time for the reception. Joanne made this lil' ang bao box that resembles out SG post boxes. Instead of the label "Singapore" and "Oversea", it says "Gary" and "Jasmine". Very sweet right. Didn't hve the chance to take a photo of it.

Went in to sit after taking a drink at the reception. On the table are these cute boxes of playing cards!

(and Lynn can't wait to start playing? HUAT ARH!)

Then the couple marched in. With live band playing Canon in D. Can you hear it already?! haha.. Mist machine started work and all the smoke came to our table!

Look at the "clubbing girls"(teng-chi-teng-chi) haha.. The smoke have already disperesed.

I only managed to take a picture of the food and here it is:

Today I ate PRAWNS!!! YEAH!!! You must be thinking in your mind : "what the hell is wrong with this guy? its just prawns right?" Well.. Because I was allergic to prawns and my mouth will itch when I take them. Recently, I have been missing out on nice prawny food. So, I dared myself! And YESH! I can now eat prawns. No reaction! YaHoOoO!!!

The whole wedding reception ended around 11. Went home with Andrea, Iris and Lilin. Camwhore all the way!! haha..

Good Night!
I miss me =)

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