Saturday, March 26, 2011

World Invasion : Battle Los Angeles

This is a very exciting movie! I would say it is a must watch.

WARNING! Spoiler ahead. If you have yet to watch, will be watching, please do not read further.
It all started with so-called meteor shower. However, the meteors traveled beyond terminal velocity in the earth atmosphere and slowed down before plunging into the waters. All the marines are activated, orders was given. They found out that these are not meteors but something unknown. Threat-con Delta! WOAH..
The officer who is in charge has just graduated from officer school not long. The staff Sergeant has got some history. (The staff was out fighting with the men, he came back alive but all his men died. They are saying he left them behind to die to save himself)
While they were moving out, they saw new footage showing the meteors hitting the waters and figures started coming out of the water and fired at civilians. They have three hours to remove the civilians from an area before air-strike. They figures that the enemies has got no air support, thus they claim their reign in the air.
Platoon 2 started moving to complete to mission. As they were walking to their area of operation (AO), it was a gruesome sight. dead bodies lying around, civilians crying for their lost, basically a war zone.
They reach their AO and were on high alert. Looking out for civilians whom have yet to evacuate and also for the enemies. This is when all the fire fight begins. Enemies started firing at them from the roof surrounding them.
Just like that, they lost a few man. They all started moving into this place by the order of their officer, and it turn out to be a trap, because it is a dead end. But they managed to push back their enemy for awhile. Men are dying and 2LT needs to make a decision. He was in a shock. Staff took over for that moment and started to move.
Platoon moved and found other comrades and they all ran into a few civilians. They comms for a bird to help bring back the wounded and the civilians. When it arrived, they only had a space for a few more people, so they started loading up. Before the civilians could run to the chopper, it took off. Before you know it, they are taken down by the enemy AIR SUPPORT. Yes, they have air support.
They waited for another bird to come but was told that they will not be sending another bird. The enemy breached their "safe house" and they fought. Caught one alive and realise these are aliens with weapons fused into their body. They had alot of trouble killing one enemy so Staff decided to find out where is their weakness. One of the civilian offered to help as she is a vet.
They had to move to another safer location, they need to move fast and safe. So they got a bus and started to drive out of the air-strike zone. All of a sudden, a number of enemy air support flew past them. They immediately stopped the vehicle so as not to attract their attention, at the same time, they are trying to comms to HQ. One of their bird stopped, and one of a smaller bird detached from the whole body and started looking for the signal that is transmitting around that area.
They then realised their signal could be traced, so they switch off all radio. Still the smalled bird is looking for them. Staff decided to take things in his own hands. He took one of the radio and ran towards a petrol kiosk and used a stone and rubber band to press down the "talk" button of the radio to transmit so as to attract the attention of the bird. Then he ran to take cover. The bird started to move nearer to the radio, when it was near enough, Staff threw a grenade towards the petrol kiosk and the explosion destroyed the bird. Staff check out the bird and realise that the bird is a unmanned aviation vehicle (UAV).
They continue their journey. However the highway was destroyed and enemy started firing at them, they had to find alternate route. 2LT started planting C4s, but before he could detonate, he was hit, losing the detonator. In the bus, is a bagful of C4s, 2LT ordered Staff to take charge of the platoon, and ordered him to move off now. When they are far enough and the enemy is near enough 2LT sent his last comms message and detonated all the C4s that are left on the bus, killing all the aliens.
The man thought that Staff left 2LT behind to die, because of his history.
They moved on to another "safe house" (looks like a clinic/hospital), replenished their supply of water and medical stuff. They only got 6 mins before the air strike and they are still within the strike zone. they braced for impact, but to their surprise, nothing happened.
So they walked back to their base only to realise that the reason there is no air strike is because their base is also destroyed. They started scrambling the area for more ammo and maps that reveal any extraction site. The men commented on him leaving the people behind to die, and asked him: "what about us, are you going to bring us back alive?" The staff told him that decision are made and history are history, he did not meant for those people to die, he don't feel good about it either. He even remembered the names and ID of those men whom fought with him and died. This touched the men heart. They decided to fight on with him. They found maps and comms HQ to send a bird to bring them back and they set up a rendezvous. They immediately took amour vehicle to their rendezvous. The bird came and all loaded up.
One of the men, saw something weird through his night vision goggle and asked the staff to take a look. They accidentally found their command centre (CC). Staff decided to go in alone to check out the CC and if possible, destroy it. The men decided to follow suit.
They got nearer to the CC, one of the men went to the highest point near the CC to give HQ the coordinates of the CC so they can send arti to shoot it down. Needless to say, the man whom sent the radio message died. After one shot of arti at the CC, it started to take off, trying to "run away". Second arti came and the CC used one of its bird to blocked it off. Third and the last shot came, while the CC tried his trick of using one of his bird and shield, the men took down the bird with a metador and the arti took down the whole CC.
New of how Platoon 2 save the day spread fast and all were congradulating and thanking them went they finally touched down back at their temporary operation base.
Yeap, this is basically the core of the movie. I will give this movie 4/5 crowns.
Good night.
I missed me...

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