Saturday, May 28, 2011

JB Trip with Shitkabel and Kimpee

I simply love this pic so much that IT has to be the first one!

We were suppose to meet 11.30. At 2 plus in the morning, we were commenting in facebook then I realised that I am meeting them that morning. Else I would have slept through it! And be condemn by them.

Behold, I am the first to reach! Then Cheryn. Then Christbel called and said she would be late because she made a U-turn home to SHxT. That is how ShitKaBel comes about.

Took this pic while waiting for them to reach.

Queuing at Malaysia Custom

Have a break, have a Kit-Kat! Sponsored by ShitKaBel!

Looking at this off work still reminds us of work! Honestly, my current job has made us so versatile. If my company no longer want us, we can work in ICA checking passport and stamping dates etc. And we are trained to do it fast! Maybe if we work at the custom, our queues would be the fastest moving ones. There are other job we can do as well. Not gonna tell ya!

YEAH! City Square, HERE WE COME!

After shopping for awhile we decided need to eat because we have yet to have our breakfast and lunch! So we headed down to this "Sedap Corner" (Sedap = Delicious)

Camwhoring while waiting for our food.



Wait until sian! KimPee still CAMWHORING!

Finally, our food came! yeah!

All of us busy with phototaking.

ShitKaBel can't wait to eat! HAHA!!!!

All busy eating with our hand crossing each other to "fight" for the food!

The Ebi Tempura, not very nice, the Ebi so small!!! URGH!

BILL! Cheap right? It's RM la, not SGD!
Wanted to take ShitKaBel with her fantastic cracked screen but my camera kinda failed me. It's high time I get a new camera already! Which one? Hmmm... Shall do some research!

Been trying to get Singapore signal for the past 30 mins. Then finally!

Cab down to Tanjong Pagar, 2D1N Soju Bang!


Then we all fell asleep. Nah! you can see ShitKaBel is faking it! She cannot act! LOUSY!

Do not try this! We are trained to do this. Taking picture in the middle of the road! Anyone who try to attempt this, shall assume all risk and I shall bear no responsibility!

2D1N! This Korean buffet is good! Seriously, You should totally try it!

People are already there and started eating! WEI! Didn't wait for us! MEI LI MAO! Haha..

I just have to take pictures!

Ask ShitKabel to help take a pic of me kissing the bride on the mouth! Look where she made me kiss! Now we all know she got nose fetish! FAILED!!!

So much better! But can't remember who took this. Oops.

Last pic, our group pic! Sadly two of them in the pic has left us. Nevermind, we can still meet up!

Said so many bad things and doings of ShitKaBel. She better not read this. I will be killed when Our shift meet again! HAHAHA....

ShitKaBel, ShitKaBel, ShitKa all the way! MUAHAHAHAHA!! KimPee, laugh with me!!!

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