Sunday, May 8, 2011

Universal Studios New Ride!

Another Universal Studios Singapore ride preview for RWS staff! Aren't we all excited about it.

Well. I can't wait for the preview for Transformer!

Imagine yourself as an animal. Being smuggled across the sea, ocean, whatever. You are being transported in the wooden crate box, small uncomfortable, dark, humid (if the crate is in Singapore, that is).

Difficult to imagine huhz!

Madagascar: A Crate Adventure!!

Well, this is somewhat to simulate that kinda environment?

So are you afraid of the water? Claustrophobic? What is your deepest dear?

I would get to bring a "Partner" along! So who wants in?

txt me, FB me, Twitter me or simply leave a comment. I might just bring you there!

Date: 10-05-2011

Time: 2130

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