Monday, May 2, 2011

Tooth Brush - Too Much

I have been wanting to buy a tooth brush for some time already. So today I had the opportunity to buy I "visited" carrefour. And I bought this Oral-B tooth brush.

Can you guess how much is it? It is expensive!!! At least to me.

I brought this to the cashier after walking around for some time, still looking for cheaper ones. Not those "chapalang" one hor. Anyway, I went up to the cashier, handed him the tooth brush only to find out the price is S$10.45!!!!!

WHAT?! Freaking S$10.45!!! I told him the label on the shelve showed S$7.95 (I think it is expensive enough already!). He said have to go to customer service counter for refund. So I just went ahead with the purchase. URGH!

How can a TOOTH BRUSH be so expensive it just doesn't make sense!

Does it mean if I use this $7.95 TOOTH BRUSH I don't have to use tooth paste, so i save on that? NO!

Does it mean that every time I use this $7.95 TOOTH BRUSH, my teeth gets whiter by a shade? NO!

Does it mean that when I use this $7.95 TOOTH BRUSH, I don't have to brush thoroughly, it will do it by itself? NO!

Does it mean when I use this $7.95 TOOTH BRUSH, it will kill the cavities? NO!

I am so Singaporean! Haha Gaga.. Enough of my ranting! All I want to say is that things are getting more expensive yet our pay remains! Simple example. URGH!

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  1. Sorta right......but if its good, its worth the price.