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Post General Election (GE) 2011

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"George Yeo in, Tin Pei Ling out", "Petition to get Tin Pei Ling Out", 'In George, We Trust"

All sorts of petition going on after the election. I have never seen Singapore so hyped up about these. Perhaps I should say more youngsters are getting invovled in politics.

Well, I lived in Yishun, NeeSoon GRC. Opposition is Worker's Party (WP) Poh Lee Guan and his team.

Honestly, I do not really care much about politics my whole life. Now that I get to vote, I have a responsibility. I was trying to catch all the rally online because of my work nature, I cannot physically be at rallies, sad about it. Wanted to feel the craziness of the supporters of each party.

A few names that are pretty HOT in this GE, namely, (ahem) Tin Pei Ling, Nicole Seah, Geoge Yeo, and amazingly, Yam Ah Mee (post GE Fame).

Tin Pei Ling

Age 27, is a National University of Singapore (NUS) graduate with Bachelor of Social Sciences. Before going into NUS, She spent two years studying in Hwa Chong Junior Collge (HCJC).

When you hear "Tin Pei Ling", what come to your mind? PAP of course. Kate Spade? Universal Studios? Cooling-off day controversy? Well, I won't be surprised if there more things you can think of.

What's so big deal about posing with a "peace" sign. Everyone have their act cute moment. It is a gift from her beloved husband. she has every right to be proud of it. She did not used your (our)money to buy it what.

In fact with all these attention, alot more people come to know of the brand. Might go and buy their bag. Improve our economy! Ok, I am being ridiculous. A little far fetch right. Yet it is possible.

Tay Ping Hui posing like Tin Pei Ling did. Kinda cute huhz.

Her biggest regret. What kind of answer are you expecting from someone her age? Please! She not that old. She does not have much life experience. Well, I would say the way she put it does make her sound shallow. Or perhaps she just put more emphasis on FAMILY.

You ask me then how would I answer?

"BIGGEST REGRET? You think I am like 40 years old? Seriously, no regrets. Do things to the best of your ability, whatever the outcome, you will have no regret knowing you did your best. The end result may not always be the way we want it to be, and we just to accept it. Of course we gotta learn our mistake from it."

Not the perfect answer huhz. This is how I would asnwer it though.

Nicole Seah

Born in 1986, Nicole Seah took her As in Victoria Junior College (VJC) and gotten her Bachelor of Social Science from NUSmp. Was previously from Reform Party. She then left the party in early February this year and was invited to join National Solidarity Party (NSP) in which she represented in Marine Parade Group Representative constituency (GRC).

Given her age and life experience, I would say she presented herself very well to the public. I like her confidence. If she were to contest in my GRC, I would vote for her.

I believe that she has a good potential being a politician. I would want her to be elected as Member of Parliament (MP).

George Yeo

Serving in PAP since 1988. He's last post was Miniser of Foreign Affairs, which Singaporeans are very happy with his performance. He has also served in other various minitries such as Finance, Information, Communication and the Arts, Health and also Trade and Industry.

Just lost to WP in Aljunied GRC. That means he will no longer be our Minister for Foreign Affairs.

I think that the GRC system must be modified. No system is perfect. Still, we need to make improvement when we see area that needed it.

How to go about making this a better system?

GRC system remains. Instead of voting for the Party to be their voice in the Parliament, they vote for individuals to be their voice.

Take Marine Parade GRC for example. Many of us want SM Goh in the Parliament, but not Tin Pei Ling. Imagine the newly elected team of Marine Parade GRC, SM Goh and his people, but Nicole Seah to replace Tin Pei Ling. We vote for individuals whom we want to speak up for us in the Parliament, then they form the GRC. They may be from different Party, but they are going to work as a team to serve the people. Which means the GRC will be made up of different Party.

During a forum with PM Lee Hsien Loong, He said something that really made me mad.

He mentioned that when comparing two estate, which needed upgrading more, the older estate will get the money . However, if there two estate equally old, the estate which support the Government (PAP) will get the green light. Why should this happen when it is our money?

To PM Lee Hsien Loong:

"This is nonsense! You are there to serve us, not to threaten us with the money that belong to us. At the end of the day, if this goes on, we will all be separated. We are ONE SINGAPORE, though serve by different Party. The Party that serve a particular GRC should have equal rights to the money to be used for upgrading, and not because they are not PAP so the other GRC serve by PAP gets the money. Tjis is SINGAPORE, not PAP."

I feel happier now that I ranted! HeEz~

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