Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Universal Studios Singapore (USS) Madagascar: A Crate Adventure

I really hate swing shifts!! Starts at 1200 and ends at 2130! After work ended too late to dinner with friends right! URGH!! Alright! Enough of my ranting.

Yesterday I went with my colleagues to Universal Studios Singapore for a ride preview that's open to staff. ONLY TO STAFF, and our plus one lah. We had to queue up to get the wrist band from USS at 6pm which was my break time. YES. I gave up my break time to queue for the thing but it was fast lah. So no issue. Then When back to work to cover for another colleauge to run up to get the wrist band too. Very nice of me right? MY BREAK TIME leh. Haha.

Me, Cheryn and Christine so excited even before getting the wrist band.

Showing off our wrist band! And my watch. Recently there's many guest asking me about my watch (loving the attention, heEz~). It is a birthday gift from my Polytechnic friends! Love them! My 21st birthday present, so it's pretty old already and the strap is getting disgusting. I want to change the strap but got to wait for the stock to arrive from Hong Kong! It is taking FOREVER to ship here lah!

My crazy colleagues. Posing ones are (from left) Sabrina, Cheryn, Christine and Chun Kiat!

After I ended my work, I rush to change. Then Qin Qing called and ask me how fast can I rush because they are nearing the front and it is almost their turn. I immediately ran! I ran to Ticketing hub to put my bag and ran to USS. Perspiring like crazy. The weather is already very hot and running made it worst. I was so super sticky! But I made it! YEAH! Not sure if this helps me in getting my IPPT Gold or not. Yes, I have to to clear it. Very scared about it! I want to maintain a gold but even a fitter guy compared to me did not get gold, that's why I am hesitant about taking IPPT. Enough of my worries.

So I made it after so much perspiration and effort. I was in time. So we got into the boat! So excited!

Pei Yi, Shirley, Candy and me (the two in the middle look like twins right? They are not!)

Here goes the ride!

The Crate was moving very slowly, bumping alil here and there.

Falling crate! It moved. It really look like it is going to drop on us. We all know it will not lah!

Then I saw myself

I mean Alex the Lion!

Love the crab on the tummy!

Love to go to a place like that! So relaxing~

Throughout the ride the speaker kept saying "Please refrain from using flash" because I kept taking picture with flash! Haha!!


Love this picture, like a family portrait.


Then after we enter this big mouth, there is this "water fall" right in front of us. We were all scared because we all get wet! ARHZ!!!! Then suddenly when we got near enough, the "water fall" split up like a automated door and our "crate" just went past it.

Overall, I would say entertainment value for KIDS is 4/5. For me, 2/5. Serious!

Then we went back to Hard Rock Hotel Singapore! YES. We booked two rooms. For Jill's party. Birthday and farewell. Happy yet sad.

Pei Yi and Me!

I am the PROUD PRINCE at the back lah!

Seriously love this group picture lots!

Last picture of me camwhoring while I take a shitter. Haha..

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